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A Look Back

I’ve got to fix that watermark.  It’s hideous and all up in my way when I upload these pictures.                          — My Random Thoughts

This week was a blur.  There was only one day that actually was spent at home with no outside interruptions.  What?  It was a little crazy.  For the last 24 hours, one of our children has been somewhere else.  We have been a one child family for the last 24 hours….but, every few hours it was a different child that was home.  I actually had two hours alone at the house today.  Alone. What did I do?  I cleaned.  Yep…that deserves an eye roll.

It’s been a little crazy.  So, yes, I am just getting to blog for the week.  I’m going to make my deadline. :)

This week, I needed to make a few cards to send out. The one above is one of them.  Just needed to brighten someone’s day (hope I succeeded).  Everyone needs a little sunshine now and then, right?

As for my PL layout, I have not done it yet. That is tomorrow afternoon’s project, hopefully.  I do, however, have the pictures printed.  I.  Love.  My.  Canon Selphy Printer.  Love. It.  I just printed out my weekly pictures and a few PL cards off the app…because I am NOT going to waste that photo paper.  

So, here is to all you PLers and card makers out there who actually got something of note done this week. Good job.  

Have I mentioned how much I love my new printer?  

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