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Birthdays And “Old Hands”


Birthdays. They come around each year. March is a big birthday month in my family. My two siblings and myself were all born in March within 10 days of each other. My brother’s is the 18th, mine is today, the 21st, and my sister’s is on the 28th.  And in addition to all that, some of our family friends (while growing up) were born in March and I married into a family that also have two birthdays in March. So, in short, March is a time of celebrating around here.

Yesterday I had to make a couple birthday cards for some family members. I looked around on Google a little bit just to get a few ideas and saw one very similar to this layout.  Like always, I always tend to pick the simple and easy cards. One that you can make several of in just a few minutes. When you have a family of four, laundry, and all the other things that come with that, you always need something simple and quick.  

 Today is my 34th birthday. Yesterday, just in time for my birthday, my daughter, while sitting next to me at the computer, says, “Mom, why do you have such old hands?”  She’s four. Even though she is only four, I replied, “My hands look like Grandma’s, hers look like my Nanny’s,  and one day yours will look the same way.”  She gave me a blank stare and then said, “Oh. Okay. Good.”  At that point I didn’t know if I should be offended or glad. I chose the glad option.

I don’t think they look THAT old…


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