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Birthdays And “Old Hands”


Birthdays. They come around each year. March is a big birthday month in my family. My two siblings and myself were all born in March within 10 days of each other. My brother’s is the 18th, mine is today, the 21st, and my sister’s is on the 28th.  And in addition to all that, some of our family friends (while growing up) were born in March and I married into a family that also have two birthdays in March. So, in short, March is a time of celebrating around here.

Yesterday I had to make a couple birthday cards for some family members. I looked around on Google a little bit just to get a few ideas and saw one very similar to this layout.  Like always, I always tend to pick the simple and easy cards. One that you can make several of in just a few minutes. When you have a family of four, laundry, and all the other things that come with that, you always need something simple and quick.  

 Today is my 34th birthday. Yesterday, just in time for my birthday, my daughter, while sitting next to me at the computer, says, “Mom, why do you have such old hands?”  She’s four. Even though she is only four, I replied, “My hands look like Grandma’s, hers look like my Nanny’s,  and one day yours will look the same way.”  She gave me a blank stare and then said, “Oh. Okay. Good.”  At that point I didn’t know if I should be offended or glad. I chose the glad option.

I don’t think they look THAT old…


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Valentine Card

Okay. I know that this is way past Valentine’s Day but here’s a quick card that I made my husband for this past Saturday. This is a card layout that I saw on Google Images. It was a little bit different but the basic layout was the same. I used a 6 x 6 pad of paper that was designed for Valentine’s Day. This layout could be used for any celebration card that you might make. This would be really cute for a birthday card.

I haven’t made many cards lately and I miss it. I was talking to my friend at church services the other day and she asked me if I had made any lately. Because of the holidays and everything that goes along with that, I have not been making as many cards as I would like to. When I have needed/wanted to send a card I have been going through my stash that I made in the past. I’m going to work on putting a stop to that. Hopefully you’ll see some more here soon on the blog and in my ETSY account. Hope you guys have a great day!

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Pegz Snap-Together Stamps

These snap – together stamps are great and are useful in so many ways. My husband got these for me for Christmas this past year and I have used them several times since. They are great when you want to make your own phrase. I have used them several times in my Project Life layouts…I have made my own hashtags and such with them to put on certain pictures.

This week we used them on my son’s Valentines. He had about 40 to make, and since he sat down and made them all, I stamped “Love, Harrison” on the back of them. I did the same thing with my daughter’s. When you have so many valentines to make, a quick tool like this will help you finish signing them much easier.

These types of stamps are now a little cheaper than they used to be when they first came out. I think you can buy a set for about $20. They are very versatile and helpful and I believe they are very much worth the purchase.

Valentine’s Day Tradition

The last couple of years on Valentine’s Day, the kids have put together homemade valentines for the widows and widowers in our church family. They put up no fight putting them together and actually quite enjoy it. On the other hand, the most important side of this, is that they learn to be a servant and think about other people’s feelings. The widows and widowers are so excited to get these homemade valentines from the kids each year. I don’t write about this to be boastful or put myself above anybody else…I sincerely write about this to give you an idea of something very simple and easy to do with your kids that instills so much into their hearts and souls. Just by doing a very small, simple act you can help your kids be a better servant throughout their life and you also melt the hearts of some very sweet men and women who deserve a little extra love this time of year.

All it takes are some paper hearts, Valentine-ish stickers, and any other little embellishment that you can find for a cheap price. It literally only took the kids about 20 to 30 minutes to make about 40 Valentines. In our congregation we have 38 widows and widowers. The kids made a few extra for a few other couples that they are close to as well.

Another little tradition that we do around each holiday is to make treats for their Bible class teachers, the elders, secretaries, and the preachers of our congregation. It’s usually something very simple, very cheap to make, yet very delicious. :)  The picture above are the small bags of caramel popcorn that we gave out this year.  The kids love to pass the bags out to those we have on our list.

Our preacher’s wife, Cindy has a blog and she has several articles involving things that you can do with your kids to make them better servants.  I suggest you go and read a few of those.  They are simple things that can instill so much into their little hearts. The following link, is one that involves widows specifically.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year.  Remember to take a little time out of your life to show someone a little extra love this year that you might have originally overlooked.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Tag Set and Raskog Cart

Today I had a couple hours to myself while the kids were at school. Wow. I should have sat, watched a movie of my choice, and sipped on hot tea. But, no, I worked at my desk on a couple projects…AFTER I got all my pics off my phone from the last few months and organized them onto my external hard drive. First things first, you know.

I worked for a few minutes on my PL layouts for the first two weeks of the year. Then, I made some mini peanut butter pies for us and some as a welcome gift for a new family at church. Well, after I packaged the mini pies, I had to have a cute tag for them, right? Right.

Instead of starting from scratch, I pulled out a Christmas tag set from SU! that I got on sale but never used this season. So, I made them look more like a “daily” tag instead of a holiday tag. Hope you like them!

Last night, I pulled out my Raskog cart I got from IKEA back in November. My husband talked me into it…although it didn’t take much. Ha! I put it together all by myself. :). I have not filled it with stuff yet, but I love it already!!!


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I bought this SU! set 2 weeks ago and the day I received it, I got it out immediately…albeit to work on some cards for my mother…but I got it out!  The name of this set is Num-Num.  I cannot wait to use this set when making treats for others.  These are just 3 of the cute little phrases to place on treat bags and such.  When I was telling my Mom about this set (knowing that she would probably like some little cards for her holiday treats and such) she immediately said, “Oh, I need some little cards that I can put on my holiday treats for some of the people I work for.”  So, these little cards are about 2×3 inches in size.  I used the Gorgeous Grunge for the back splash and then stamped the cute phrases on top.  Love these.  Simple and cute.

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Wobbly Bee



After seeing the wobbly cement truck card on my blog, my friend wanted a set of those and another set, fit for a girl. I went with a bee that could wobble/fly. I used a light hexagon background, mimicking a bee hive appearance. Love these. ;)



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I made a few of these back a couple of months ago and, for some reason, I never posted the picture for you. I made these for a couple new families that had just placed their membership with our church congregation. Having moved several times, I know how lonely you can feel when you are in a new area where you do not know anyone. Our family wants to let them know we are happy they have moved to the area and that we hope to get to know them better! A quick, easy card that can mean much more.

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Happy Birthday

2014-10-01 12.36.18

A little fun with my new stamp set Endless Birthdays (I think that is what it is called) from SU!.  I saw something similar online somewhere and copied the general idea but added a little flair of my own.  I watercolored the cake and then cut it out and placed it over two matching strips of washi tape.  I added the sentiment with the same stamp set.  The dots around the edge are from the SU! set Kinda Eclectic.  I just stamped the edge and then covered it to add a little color around the edges of the card.  I added a little Wink of Stella glitter pen onto the candles and then some Glossy Accents to the cake stand.  Really fun and super cute.

2014-10-01 12.36.29


2014-10-01 12.36.12

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Watercolor 101


This past Friday night I was asked to teach a basic watercoloring class by a friend.  She and two friends (who I knew as well) wanted to learn a little bit more about watercoloring…so, we went to work on some basic principles and lots of practice.  I don’t know about them, but I had a lot of fun teaching them some new techniques.  I am no pro on watercoloring but I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and practiced…..and messed up…..a whole bunch.  :)  You learn as you go and that is what I told them that night.  Practice is the way to get better.  Unless you went to art school (which none of us did) you just have to practice until you like the technique that is best for you.  There are a lot of ways to attack the art of watercoloring and eventually, you decide what technique, supplies, etc. work best for you.  And above all else, practice, practice, practice.  Right, girls?