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Sewing Spree

These are a few of the fabrics that I bought this weekend to work on this coming week. These fabrics will all become something for my daughter to wear for this spring/summer. The lack of modest shorts or comfortable, cool (as in temperature) capris at the kids consignment sale that I went to recently, made me decide that I need to make her some things for the spring and summer. I had planned on doing this last year as well, but I never got around to it. So, this week begins a sewing spree.

I plan to cut out the patterns today and tomorrow and start sewing tomorrow night or the next day. To me, cutting out the pattern is the worst part. Call me crazy but I just can’t stand doing that part of a sewing project. 

What are you working on this week?  

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This week, I have had my sewing machine out.  You know what that means…it is going to stay out for a while and I am going to get a few projects done while I have it all out.  I love to sew.  I HATE getting it all out and therefore, I do not sew as often as I would like to.  I have so many projects unfinished and a few in my head that I WANT to do, but I am too lazy to get it all out.  I admit it.  I am lazy when it comes to this task.  Does it take that long to get it all out?  In the grand scheme of things…not really.  It is just a chore.  I tell my husband…”One day, when we have that extra bedroom (in a new house), I will leave my sewing machine out all the time so that I will actually use it like I should/want to.”  It is the going joke when we need a little extra space for something…”If we just had ONE more room…”  :)  One day…

So, I volunteered to make 7 bonnets and 7 aprons for the girls in my son’s first grade class to wear at their Thanksgiving Brunch in a couple of weeks.  What possessed me to take this on?  Knowing that sewing is a dying art these days and that I might be the only parent who was able and willing.  So, yeah, I said “yes”, of course.  If you want something done, just ask someone who is busy, right?  I got them done in just a couple of sittings but I am glad they are done and off of my “to-do” list.  :)  They weren’t hard, really, and they turned out very cute.  My daughter, after watching me make all of these, wants a less traditional set.  She wants a purple bonnet and a pink apron…  She has put her order in.  I will fulfill that at some point.  First to make a few outfits for her, a Christmas present or two and some PJ pants for both my son and daughter.  My husband wants PJ pants too….he keeps asking for them…so, my sewing machine will be out for a little while longer…  :)

Disney Shirts and (Randomly Enough) Manatees


2014-10-09 14.37.10


2014-10-09 14.45.44


Last week, my family and I spent time at my parent’s home in Central Florida.  They live about an hour and fifteen minutes from Disney World.  We have only taken the kids to Disney once, a couple of years ago…so, we decided to spend a day in the Magic Kingdom this past week while we were in town.  Needless to say, the kids had a blast.  We did too.  :)  Before we left, I made these shirts for the kids to wear while at the park.  They chose the silhouette they wanted and I went to work.   Harrison wanted Donald Duck and Darcie wanted Princess Aurora.  They picked the shirt and paint colors.  :)  I used Freezer Paper to cut out the design and then ironed the design onto the shirt.  It took several layers of paint just because the shirts were such dark colors.  They were amazed when I pulled up the design stencil off of the shirt.  Fun times.

On the ferry to Magic Kingdom…



And just for fun, here are a few pictures of some Manatees we saw while in the area as well.  If you haven’t ever seen them for yourself…it is worth the trip.  :)  If you ask real nice, my parents will take you out in their boat for free as opposed to the hundreds you could spend with a diving boat.  :)




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Maxi Skirt



Just Google “Maxi Skirt Tutorial” and you will find multiple places for you to view a how-to video/blog post on ways to make a simple maxi skirt.  After finding one of these tutorials, I bought some fabric to try one of these skirts before I went online to buy some really cute material to make a few more.  it sat longer than it should have before I made it…I won’t admit to you how long…

These are great for the hot weather that is coming our way soon…or you can make long ones for the winter weather.  This one I actually made for my friend and she says it fits great and that she loves it.  Yay!  She is just a little smaller than me in the hip area (we swap clothes at times) and so on me this fit a little more snug than I will make mine.  It actually only probably needs an extra inch but it was super simple to make and I hope to make me (and her) a few more.

What I did was I measured the size by a skirt I own now and cut the fabric out around it so that it was similar in size.  I made a band at the top and then sewed the sides together.  30 mins tops.  And, my next one should not take that long.  I used about 1 1/2 yards of fabric.

Happy sewing!

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Another Sewing Spree….


I have six new patterns, several new yards of fabric and a sewing machine that is collecting dust….all this comes together and means that a sewing spree is in my immediate future!  It started by finding four $1/yard fabrics at Walmart one morning.  Then, I took them to Hobby Lobby, matched them with some solids and then I was ready to sew SOMETHING!  My family and I then went to a local flea market one day and I bought 6 new little girl patterns for dresses and such.  So, sewing is in the future.  :)

I have been out of the crafting mindset this week, for the most part, because my 3 year old daughter has been fighting and recovering (not so well) from her first (I hope only!!!) UTI.  I feel like I have spent more time in the bathroom this week than in any other room in this house.  AHHHHHHHH!!!  Sorry, I just had to get that out.  :/

Also, my only living grandfather (only living grandparent, actually) is not doing well and I will be leaving Saturday to go and see him for the weekend in Florida.  This fact, along with being in the bathroom all week with a three year old,  have prevented me from mentally and physically, working at my craft desk this week.  Hopefully next week will be better!  :)

Anyway…Saturday is National Card Making Day!  I will miss working at my desk this weekend, but I hope you all take advantage of a little time that day to make a few cards!  Have a great day and remember, it is always homemade!





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Cutting, Measuring and Sewing

Well, I am in the sewing groove again.  I have a pile of patterns that are already cut out and sitting on my desk waiting to be sewn into something cute.  I have finished about 8 things and have a few more to complete, including my daughter’s Easter dress.  This dress above is one that I made for my daughter with a peasant top to wear underneath the dress.  Love it!


My son, on the other hand, is feeling a little left out because I have not been making things for him….so, he has been picking out fabric when we go out to the store so that I can make him PJ pants/shorts with the fabric.  If PJ pants keep him happy, I’m cool with that.  Here are some SpiderMan pants I made for him and some Avenger fabric he found as well at Walmart one day.  I bought him some Transformer fabric as well that I made PJ shorts out of for him.  He was pumped!

I hope to have more pics of the projects I have made for you soon!  Have a great weekend and remember, it is always homemade!





December/January Sewing Projects

I had several things to finish in my sewing pile last month.  I made a few dresses for my daughter, a couple of bags and an applique project for a friend.  Here are a couple of the things I made…I still have a few to go!  :0)

 This dress and pants outfit above is one of the most favorite things that I have made for my daughter thus far.  This material (minus the plain blue) was actually a sheet I bought at a thrift store back in the summer.  My sister and I went thrift store shopping one afternoon while we were both at my parent’s house this summer and we got some awesome deals.  Do not underestimate a thrift store!!  This sheet cost $1 and the blue material for the pants cost me $1.50.  So, this outfit cost about $3 total if you count the thread and such.  If you have a daughter and you want some simple patterns for “boutique style” clothing you can pick up a book on Amazon called “Little Girls, Big Styles”.  I bought it for about $15 and it is worth every penny!  Check it out!


This bag was a gift for my friend for Christmas!  How cute did this turn out???  I loved it so much I made me one with different fabric and colors.  This was a Pinterest project that really turned out nicely.

 I hope you enjoy the projects for today.  I am ready for my normal schedule to start on Monday!  Join me then for a really cute card and sketch!  Remember, is is always homemade!

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Here is another sewing project for my little girl.  Like I have said before, a friend of mine runs a business out of her home making pillowcase dresses.  Well, I don’t think she sells these shirts, but herself and her daughter have a couple of these and they are so cute!  This is the same pattern for a normal pillowcase dress but at the bottom, instead of just a normal hem, it has elastic in it so that it hugs the waist area and becomes a shirt instead of a dress.  Cute, huh?  Another friend of mine does the hem at the bottom identical to the top and puts another ribbon in the bottom hem and then ties it and it becomes a cute little shirt as well with an extra ribbon.  Does that make sense?  Hope so!  :)

Hope you enjoy this cute little creation and remember, it is always homemade!

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“Jean” Skirt

Seriously, was the best idea ever!  This is yet another Pinterest project.  I pinned this back in the winter, knowing that come summertime I would be sure to be making this for my little girl!  I cut off some old pants that still fit her in the waist but were too short.  I then added two ruffles to the bottom hem.  I made this in about 20 minutes!  She loved it!  She is a true little girl…she loves clothes and especially ruffles.  She plays with them when she is just sitting and she hates to take clothes off!  She gets attached to them…it is quite hilarious at times!  The link to the tutorial I used is below.  I made my ruffles a little longer than her measurements because I needed a little more length than what her measurements allowed.  What makes this great is that you can make it to fit your needs.   Search “From High Water Pants to Super Cute Skirt”  She has a step by step picture tutorial.  Have fun! 
Hope you have a great day and remember, it is always homemade!?
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Pillowcase Dresses and Bloomers

Here is another sewing project that I made for my little girl for this summer!  So cute and so easy!  I followed two different patterns…one for the dress and one for the bloomers.  The links are listed below.  I do not have a serger (yet) :-) and so I really liked this girl’s tutorial because she made this dress for someone to copy that didn’t have a serger.  She finishes the seams with a 1/4 inch seam before she even starts the “making” of the dress.  It was super easy…seriously it took about 20 minutes from start to finish!  I went with her suggested measurements for the 2T/3T size of fabric and you can tell that the blue polka dot dress is a little too wide but it still is very cute and she will grow into it better as she gets bigger.  The black print dress I made several inches slimmer and it is perfect.  I also made it longer as well.  You can make it as wide or long as you would like.  I suggest making one in some fabric that you don’t really care about and then change the measurements accordingly if needed.  Here are the links to the tutorials.  The dress pattern is on a blog and I have included the video regarding the making for the bloomers.

Pillowcase Dress:

Pants Tutorial via YouTube:

                                                                        PART 1

Hope this helps you make these adorable dresses and bloomers.  I am sure there will be more in my future!  Have fun and remember it is always homemade!