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Mar 4, 2015 - Craft, Decorations, Tips    No Comments

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and Truffala Trees

The Lorax has been one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books since I was a kid. So, it seems only right, that I would honor this book, the week of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, for my son’s class activities. I volunteered to make cupcakes for them on Friday to celebrate the end of the week which is ‘Reading Across America’ which includes Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

So, of course, I hit Pinterest in search of ideas. When I saw these Truffala Trees made out of pixie sticks and pom-poms, I knew that that’s what I wanted to do for a cupcake decoration.

Instead of using pixie sticks, as the person did on Pinterest, I used decorative straws. The pom-poms came in a large bag of different sizes and I use the largest size. I bought all these items at Hobby Lobby. 

It was basically just a few minutes of work with my glue gun. These trees will now just stick into the top of a cupcake that has white icing with green sprinkles on top to make it look like grass.

Monday was wear your wacky or favorite hat. He represented in his Auburn hat. 

Tuesday was tacky tourist day. Cuteness. 

Read a few Dr. Seuss books this week to your kids.

Jan 14, 2015 - Card, gift, Gift Idea, Tips    1 Comment

Tag Set and Raskog Cart

Today I had a couple hours to myself while the kids were at school. Wow. I should have sat, watched a movie of my choice, and sipped on hot tea. But, no, I worked at my desk on a couple projects…AFTER I got all my pics off my phone from the last few months and organized them onto my external hard drive. First things first, you know.

I worked for a few minutes on my PL layouts for the first two weeks of the year. Then, I made some mini peanut butter pies for us and some as a welcome gift for a new family at church. Well, after I packaged the mini pies, I had to have a cute tag for them, right? Right.

Instead of starting from scratch, I pulled out a Christmas tag set from SU! that I got on sale but never used this season. So, I made them look more like a “daily” tag instead of a holiday tag. Hope you like them!

Last night, I pulled out my Raskog cart I got from IKEA back in November. My husband talked me into it…although it didn’t take much. Ha! I put it together all by myself. :). I have not filled it with stuff yet, but I love it already!!!


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Fiskars…Best. Company. Ever.


I forgot to post this awhile back but better late than never, right?

Fiskars.  Best.  Company.  Ever.  This is why…

Below is a picture of what happened to my Fiskars trimmer.  You know that wire that shows you exactly where it is going to cut the paper?  Well, for some reason mine started to fray.  It was really strange.  So, I got on the computer and contacted customer service just to see what my options were.  I really did not want to go re-purchase another $30 trimmer that was in great condition (other than the frayed wire).  And I told them so.  Well, out of nowhere, I received a box in the mail from them that contained a whole new arm piece.  Yep.  Free of charge.  Frankly, I was floored but I had heard that Fiskars was good about things like this.  I am so glad I took that chance before I went and spent more money on something I received for FREE.  I will never buy another type of trimmer because of this act of great customer service.




Apr 14, 2012 - Tips    No Comments

Egg Cups…Reuse!

Here is my little “Green” tip for the day….

Most people that have kids most likely dyed eggs this past weekend in one way or another.  The brand of dye we bought was at Walmart and included these really nifty plastic cups that when I pulled them out my immediate thought was, “Hey, I could use these for paint with the kids or Modge-Podge…or something crafty!!”  I mean, seriously, they are perfect for something along those lines.  The best thing about them is that they are easily cleaned and also compress down into a very small pile of plastic!  They are under my craft table right now, waiting to use them in the future.  Just a thought….

Also, the two pages of colored strips that are in those boxes (that are meant to be little stands for the dyed eggs…which we never use) would be great to use to cut out ovals and make multi-striped eggs….
Just another thought…