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A Twist on a Love Banner

It’s February, right?  Love is in the air!  This Saturday night is Valentine’s Date Night for us…if my husband’s plane lands on time!  It better…

Well, each “season” I try to hang something up on the mantel to have a little decoration around the house.  I’m not a decorator.  It doesn’t come easy for me.  I am NOT one of those people who have boxes in the attic for each season.  I am a SAHM. I homeschool one of our children (soon to be two).  I am the cook and cleaning lady around here.  I don’t have time to decorate for each season.  If a banner gets hung up and a wreath change gets worked into my schedule, I feel very proud of myself.  The decor in my house has been the same for years. Seriously.  But, that’s just me.  I would like to change a few things but I just don’t feel that should be very high on my “to do” list.  

Anyway…I saw this idea for a “Love” Banner online somewhere and I thought that it would be an easy idea that would benefit us all. A simple banner using PL cards. Each day, you find a Bible verse that talks about love and you write it on one of the cards. By the end of the month, you will know more about God’s love. The most important love of all. 

Tip:  Those cards and pins are heavier than you think. Tape the ends extremely well…not that I have any experience with that fact…

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A Look Back

I’ve got to fix that watermark.  It’s hideous and all up in my way when I upload these pictures.                          — My Random Thoughts

This week was a blur.  There was only one day that actually was spent at home with no outside interruptions.  What?  It was a little crazy.  For the last 24 hours, one of our children has been somewhere else.  We have been a one child family for the last 24 hours….but, every few hours it was a different child that was home.  I actually had two hours alone at the house today.  Alone. What did I do?  I cleaned.  Yep…that deserves an eye roll.

It’s been a little crazy.  So, yes, I am just getting to blog for the week.  I’m going to make my deadline. :)

This week, I needed to make a few cards to send out. The one above is one of them.  Just needed to brighten someone’s day (hope I succeeded).  Everyone needs a little sunshine now and then, right?

As for my PL layout, I have not done it yet. That is tomorrow afternoon’s project, hopefully.  I do, however, have the pictures printed.  I.  Love.  My.  Canon Selphy Printer.  Love. It.  I just printed out my weekly pictures and a few PL cards off the app…because I am NOT going to waste that photo paper.  

So, here is to all you PLers and card makers out there who actually got something of note done this week. Good job.  

Have I mentioned how much I love my new printer?  

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Playing Catch Up

^^^ This is what the hubby doesn’t like about my scrapbooking.  I do TRY to have it cleaned up some before he gets home and needs to get through the walkway of our room to bed, the bathroom or closet.  You know…basically to be able to get inside the doorway.  Bless him.  He rarely voices a complaint, I just get “the look” when he needs in the room.  :) 

This is what my craft area (that sits on a wall of our bedroom as you walk into the door) looks like when I am doing PL.  The Raskog cart was a lifesaver but it can get in the way.  But the best part about it is is that you can just roll it back into place.  Quick and easy like.  It’s wonderful to have.  It’s organized chaos when I have PL stuff out.  I’ll admit it.  All of my PL collection (let’s just call it what it is) has it’s own place (organized) but it looks like a nightmare (chaos).  

Even though it looks like a tornado went through my room this week, I still got several pages done.  Done.  I finished 4 pages and a cover page in the summer travel journal of 2014.  I am up to date on my PL weeks for this year. (I know we just finished the the third week…but, hey, I’m counting all the progress I can.). I also made a “get well” card.  One.  :)  Again, I’m counting it. 

Here are a few of the pages I made….Don’t judge the quality.  It’s been awhile and I need to get into the groove again.  The stamps might be lopsided but I am NOT going to let my OCD take over.  I.  Will. Not.  (The truth is is that I am TRYING not to let it take over.)

These are in no particular order…

These are the tabs that I put on the pages that needed to be finished… Yikes.  I need to get back to work…

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For Real This Time…

A year and a half ago, we chose to homeschool our oldest child.  Needless to say, homeschooling a child(ren) is a huge leap for a family.  It takes some getting used to.  Along with that decision, the amount of time that I had once spent on scrapbooking, card making and general paper crafting diminished to almost non-existent.  Some things just weren’t as important as others anymore.  But, here I am, a school year and a half later, and I miss it terribly.  

So, I intend to set a little time each week aside to work at my craft desk.  I hope it remembers me as well as I remember it and all the fun times we once had together.  As always, my paper crafts will be simple and quick.  (Life, in general, demands it.)  The following is my plan…  I hope you can come along for the ride.  It might be bumpy.  You’ve been warned.

My First Project:  This album you see above will be my first project.  Oh, you’ve seen it before.  I won’t admit how many years ago.  I think I did a video on it once.  ;)  Our family had a busy summer in 2014 and I made a special album just for our road trips that year.  Is it done?  Nope.  Should it be?  Yep. It’s ridiculous.  Seriously.  So, that’s first on the agenda.

My Blog:  It’s been a really long time since my last post.  And this time, I plan to stick with it.  I hope to blog once a week.  I write like I talk.  I’m not in this because I’m a “writer.”  Just a heads up if this is your first time here. :) The blog posts might be Project Life based.  It might be card making.  It might be sewing adventures.  It might be random crafty thoughts.  Who knows.  But, I’m going to do it.  For real this time…

My Scrapbooking:  The last two years, I had planned on scrapping digitally on the Project Life (PL) app.  Yeah, I made it to April both years.  Yep.  Sad.  So, that’s obviously not my strong point.  :)  This year, I plan to finish those years and work on this year on paper.  I have bought a 6×8 album. I’m going smaller.  Hopefully, this will work better and more quickly. Right?  I have also purchased a Canon Selphy printer.  It should be in the mail today.  Yay!!!  I hope that this will make it easier and quicker to scrapbook as well.  It will, right?

My Card Making:  I have run out of cards.  Almost.  I send cards via snail mail a whole lot.  I need ideas that I can make several at a time to have on hand.  I love making easy, elegant or cute cards that can be made in bulk.  Then, I have them.  They’re handmade.  They’re cute.  There are lots of them.  Done.  

Other projects….we’ll see where the wind blows.  :)

I’m gonna do it.  For real this time…  

Add Videos To Your Scrapbook Page



I mean, seriously, I would never have thought to do this…  But, if you are like me, I take videos on my phone or our video recording device regularly.  I would say that at the very least we have a significant memory in video form at least once a month.  I usually upload them pretty quickly to YouTube and then they sit there.  Oh, I watch them every so often but, mostly, they just sit there for viewing in the future.  So, here is the answer to keeping those videos at the forefront of your mind and it allows others to see your memories when looking through your scrapbook pages.  Instead of saying, “Oh, I have the cutest video of that day.  I will have to show it to you”, (Knowing that you will prob never get to it…), you can say…”Hey, get your phone out, scan the QR code, and you can see the cutest video of that day.”  Obviously, the second statement is much more fun and rewarding to you and to those who may peruse your scrapbooks.  So, here are two ways to do this.  I use the first example just because that is what works for me and then I can place the square wherever I want it on the page.  The first example prints at a size of about 1.25 inches.  I used my square punch to cut it out.  The second example, you can make it whatever size you prefer.  Have fun!  I have been printing QR codes like crazy to add them to my old scrapbook pages.  :)

Example #1:




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Recipe Card Dividers

So, I needed some new recipe card dividers. The last ones I made were about five years old and I was in desperate need of some new ones. As much as I cook and bake, they were pretty scuffed up and dirty.

And, you know me, I am not going to go spend money when I can just make it myself. So, I went to work. I used the Stampin’ Up! Artisan Label punch, folded it in half and used the mini stapler to attach it to the card.

Here is a picture of the finished project. They are simple, cute, and effective.


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Project Life 2015

At least this year, I can say that I started well, right? Ha! I made this title page for my 2015 album…even though my 2014 album has no title page and is not even half done. Shhhhhh….don’t tell anyone. :)


I really like this color scheme. It is bright, happy and complementary. A good way to start off a new year, right? I used cards from a WRMK set (not sure of the name) and then the card in the upper right hand corner is from the set Seafoam. The embellishments are from things I have printed off the computer, Basic Grey HEY YOU! pack, Studio Calico Veneers, or things cut with my cricut using my SCAL program.

Hope you can take from this some ideas for your title page. Get on it, we are already 7 days in…

Till next time!

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Christmas Tree Cookies


November 10th was my last blog post. Well, that’s inexcusable. The Holidays get a little crazy around here…especially with two kids in different schools, having two different Holiday schedules of events. Yikes.

Here are a few of the many cookies that were made in this house this week. All have been packaged this mornings and will be taken to school teachers, Bible Class teachers and a few others.


Hope your holidays are filled with fun and great family time!!

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A Little Splash of Color



I sat down at my desk the other day to make a few quick cards that I needed to send out to various people.  I needed something quick and easy (and of course cute).  I had received my new stamp set order the same day and decided to give one of the sets a try.  I had seen something similar to this cake with the paint splatter in the background on the internet somewhere awhile back and decided to try it out.  I reached for my Gorgeous Grunge set (that contains the paint splatter) and the new birthday set I had just received.  This took literally less than a minute to make.  I.  Love.  It.  I think these will be my family bday cards for the coming year.  Yep, the decision has been made!



I added a little bit of glitter with my Wink of Stella pen to add a little bling to the candles…



A couple others I made that day…with a few other sentiments…



This one has an Auburn theme…



And, finally, a Get Well sentiment…



FYI:  I finished my 2012 Project Life Album!  Yippee!  I am catching up…

Have a great day!

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Summer Canning


Ahhh, the summer.  The hottest part of the year and we choose to can (the hottest activity) during that part of the year.  But, by canning in the summer, it keeps you warm all winter.  :)  The last two weeks I have canned/help can a couple of things.  The first was last week.  I was asked to help the young ladies at church, who elected to learn, how to preserve food.  Well, I accepted the challenge and helped a young lady last week to can pickled okra.  My least favorite vegetable.  Least.  Favorite.  But, for the good of the cause, I helped her anyway…after a little complaining on my part.  I gave her a hard time about picking okra.  :)  Evidently, she loves it.  And that is what matters!  So, after looking at a few recipes online, we picked one out that looked good (in her eyes) and went with it.


All went smoothly and we had a great time getting to know each other a little better and laughing together.  It was a fun time.  We did have a little trouble when we water bathed the okra.  A couple of the lids puckered up a little bit but they sealed in the end.  Here is the finished product and the link for the recipe we used.



Yesterday, or Tuesday night rather, I put two crockpots of Apple Butter on to cook.  I then canned it yesterday morning.  Our neighbors have a few apple trees and we get to reap the benefits of them each year.  I really do not know why they have them…we always wind up with all the apples.  It is good having great neighbors!  So, each year, I can Apple Butter and then share some with them as a “thank you”.  Maybe that is why she gives me the apples.  She is just using me for Apple Butter.  Ha!  :)


I borrowed a crockpot from my friend, because I did not want to have to can two days in a row….so, it took 6 pounds of apples, 14 hours of cooking and a little while to can and voila, 21 – 1/2 pints of apple butter and one pint (which I made on purpose for a trip this weekend).


I love to have jellys (apple butter and blueberry mostly) on hand for a quick gift or just to share with friends.  Every time I make it, I have a list of people who I always take some to for them to enjoy.  My only rule is this:  If you bring back the jar when it is empty (which usually isn’t too much time), I will bring you another jar the next time I can.  :)  They all willingly comply to this rule.


And, I have been working on my PL album.  Sometimes on the floor in my living room on Saturday morning while everyone is asleep….