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For Real This Time…

A year and a half ago, we chose to homeschool our oldest child.  Needless to say, homeschooling a child(ren) is a huge leap for a family.  It takes some getting used to.  Along with that decision, the amount of time that I had once spent on scrapbooking, card making and general paper crafting diminished to almost non-existent.  Some things just weren’t as important as others anymore.  But, here I am, a school year and a half later, and I miss it terribly.  

So, I intend to set a little time each week aside to work at my craft desk.  I hope it remembers me as well as I remember it and all the fun times we once had together.  As always, my paper crafts will be simple and quick.  (Life, in general, demands it.)  The following is my plan…  I hope you can come along for the ride.  It might be bumpy.  You’ve been warned.

My First Project:  This album you see above will be my first project.  Oh, you’ve seen it before.  I won’t admit how many years ago.  I think I did a video on it once.  ;)  Our family had a busy summer in 2014 and I made a special album just for our road trips that year.  Is it done?  Nope.  Should it be?  Yep. It’s ridiculous.  Seriously.  So, that’s first on the agenda.

My Blog:  It’s been a really long time since my last post.  And this time, I plan to stick with it.  I hope to blog once a week.  I write like I talk.  I’m not in this because I’m a “writer.”  Just a heads up if this is your first time here. :) The blog posts might be Project Life based.  It might be card making.  It might be sewing adventures.  It might be random crafty thoughts.  Who knows.  But, I’m going to do it.  For real this time…

My Scrapbooking:  The last two years, I had planned on scrapping digitally on the Project Life (PL) app.  Yeah, I made it to April both years.  Yep.  Sad.  So, that’s obviously not my strong point.  :)  This year, I plan to finish those years and work on this year on paper.  I have bought a 6×8 album. I’m going smaller.  Hopefully, this will work better and more quickly. Right?  I have also purchased a Canon Selphy printer.  It should be in the mail today.  Yay!!!  I hope that this will make it easier and quicker to scrapbook as well.  It will, right?

My Card Making:  I have run out of cards.  Almost.  I send cards via snail mail a whole lot.  I need ideas that I can make several at a time to have on hand.  I love making easy, elegant or cute cards that can be made in bulk.  Then, I have them.  They’re handmade.  They’re cute.  There are lots of them.  Done.  

Other projects….we’ll see where the wind blows.  :)

I’m gonna do it.  For real this time…  

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