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Wobbly Bee



After seeing the wobbly cement truck card on my blog, my friend wanted a set of those and another set, fit for a girl. I went with a bee that could wobble/fly. I used a light hexagon background, mimicking a bee hive appearance. Love these. ;)



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I made a few of these back a couple of months ago and, for some reason, I never posted the picture for you. I made these for a couple new families that had just placed their membership with our church congregation. Having moved several times, I know how lonely you can feel when you are in a new area where you do not know anyone. Our family wants to let them know we are happy they have moved to the area and that we hope to get to know them better! A quick, easy card that can mean much more.

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Happy Halloween


My son’s Halloween party was actually last Friday because his teacher’s daughter is getting married tomorrow and she was gone this whole week. So, I signed up to do their Halloween goodie bags. I had some similar to these on my ETSY account and decided to use them for his class too. I let him help pick out what was going to go on the front and he liked the bat the best. I made 16 of them while sitting at the eye doc office last week. Some people bring a book to the doc office…I bring paper crafts. ;). Hope you and your family have a great night of trick or treating tonight. Happy Haunting.


Here is another gift idea for you to do for teachers and such… We made these for school teachers, Bible class teachers, preachers, etc…





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Happy Birthday

2014-10-01 12.36.18

A little fun with my new stamp set Endless Birthdays (I think that is what it is called) from SU!.  I saw something similar online somewhere and copied the general idea but added a little flair of my own.  I watercolored the cake and then cut it out and placed it over two matching strips of washi tape.  I added the sentiment with the same stamp set.  The dots around the edge are from the SU! set Kinda Eclectic.  I just stamped the edge and then covered it to add a little color around the edges of the card.  I added a little Wink of Stella glitter pen onto the candles and then some Glossy Accents to the cake stand.  Really fun and super cute.

2014-10-01 12.36.29


2014-10-01 12.36.12

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Watercolor 101


This past Friday night I was asked to teach a basic watercoloring class by a friend.  She and two friends (who I knew as well) wanted to learn a little bit more about watercoloring…so, we went to work on some basic principles and lots of practice.  I don’t know about them, but I had a lot of fun teaching them some new techniques.  I am no pro on watercoloring but I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and practiced…..and messed up…..a whole bunch.  :)  You learn as you go and that is what I told them that night.  Practice is the way to get better.  Unless you went to art school (which none of us did) you just have to practice until you like the technique that is best for you.  There are a lot of ways to attack the art of watercoloring and eventually, you decide what technique, supplies, etc. work best for you.  And above all else, practice, practice, practice.  Right, girls?








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Masking Technique

2014-10-09 06.40.33


2014-10-09 06.40.28


This card was one of a few that I made for someone (who cannot be named) to give to someone (another who cannot be named) as a gift for Christmas/Birthday.  I made two sets of these.  I took Post-it Tape and masked off the strip in the middle and just started to randomly stamp the images.  They all looked a little different which is the glory of homemade items.  I then pulled up the tape and stamped the dotted line along the masked area.  I embellished with the brown enamel dots you see in the middle of the large flower.  I really liked the way these turned out.  Hope you do too.  :)

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Eye Surgery: Feel Better Soon

2014-10-09 14.29.12

We have a friend who recently had eye surgery.  A surgical procedure, that so far, has been life changing for his vision.  He is doing great!  What better way to let him know we care than to send him a card with glasses all over it?  My husband, having a doctorate in Special Education with his primary study being Vision Impairments, I buy any stamps/dicuts that have anything to do with glasses, eyes, etc….  They have come in handy many times.  :)  So, here is the finished product.  Enjoy!

2014-10-09 14.29.06

Disney Shirts and (Randomly Enough) Manatees


2014-10-09 14.37.10


2014-10-09 14.45.44


Last week, my family and I spent time at my parent’s home in Central Florida.  They live about an hour and fifteen minutes from Disney World.  We have only taken the kids to Disney once, a couple of years ago…so, we decided to spend a day in the Magic Kingdom this past week while we were in town.  Needless to say, the kids had a blast.  We did too.  :)  Before we left, I made these shirts for the kids to wear while at the park.  They chose the silhouette they wanted and I went to work.   Harrison wanted Donald Duck and Darcie wanted Princess Aurora.  They picked the shirt and paint colors.  :)  I used Freezer Paper to cut out the design and then ironed the design onto the shirt.  It took several layers of paint just because the shirts were such dark colors.  They were amazed when I pulled up the design stencil off of the shirt.  Fun times.

On the ferry to Magic Kingdom…



And just for fun, here are a few pictures of some Manatees we saw while in the area as well.  If you haven’t ever seen them for yourself…it is worth the trip.  :)  If you ask real nice, my parents will take you out in their boat for free as opposed to the hundreds you could spend with a diving boat.  :)




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A Little Kindness…


2014-09-26 14.36.17


This sentiment is great for a Thank You card!  I love this stamp set too!  The set is called “Kinda Eclectic” and it is made by Stampin’ UP!. This is one of the first times that I have used it all together on one card.  One of my friends picked up my little girl from preschool one day because my husband and I had a parent/teacher meeting with our son’s teacher and I could not quite make it back to get her in time.  So, I wanted to send her a Thank You note for helping me out that day!  This is what I came up with…  I personally love it!  :)  Hope you have a great day!

2014-09-26 14.36.11

PS:  I just made my first international sale!  What???  :)

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World Card Making Day 2014


2014-09-26 22.17.51

No, really….there really is such a day scheduled on the calendar each year just to make cards!!  How cool is that?  Not that we need an extra excuse to make cards all day…or at least I don’t.  I may not actually get time today to make cards today but I hope you take some time today to make a couple!  I hope to for a little while this afternoon while the kids are having their quiet time.  To celebrate, here are a couple cards I made last week.  I had a card making day last Friday.  I was in desperate need of some Love/Miss You cards for my husband…for me to put in his luggage when he travels…so, that is mostly what I worked on that day.   Enjoy and I hope you have a great day…whether it is making cards or just spending some much needed time with your family!

2014-09-26 22.17.42


Getting this double sunburst pattern overlapped just perfectly…well, I assure you, it was pure luck!


2014-09-26 21.45.49

2014-09-26 21.45.42