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Project Life Card: Tags

2014-09-02 08.21.49

Here is another use for PL cards.  You can make them into cute tags for teachers, friends, family, etc…  The list could go on and on.  Here is one that I made for my son’s teacher for the first day of school.  Yes, I know this is a little late in the game.  But, you can make this anytime of the year for a teacher.  These two cards were taken out of my School Days PL set by Becky Higgins.  I love the colors in this set!  I can see me using them for layouts that are not even school related.  I watercolored the apple and cut it out to adhere it to the top of the tag.  The washi tape is just thicker tape cut into small slivers just to add a little color to the tag.  Enjoy and happy stamping.  My son is at school and my daughter is at Mother’s Morning Out this morning, so, I am off to work at my craft desk for a little uninterrupted time today.  :)

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SU!: A Work of Art Set

2014-09-26 14.59.39


This past Thursday and Friday I put some time into making some cards.  I needed to make some sympathy cards and some “Love/Miss You” cards for my husband’s suitcase for some future trips.  On Saturday, I put some time into embellishing my 2010/2011 PL album.  My husband was out of town, so the nights I spent at my desk after the kids went to bed.  I have not had much time to just create for me and just spend some time at the desk relaxing.  Yes, crafting is relaxing for me.  Go figure.  :)

I have not gotten to use my new stamp set (Work of Art) to make any cards yet.  I used it once in my PL album but no cards until Friday….so, I grabbed it and a couple other sets and made a couple quick cards using the paint patches as a background.  Simple, yes.  Quick, yes.  My motto.  More cards to follow these this week!  Enjoy!

2014-09-26 14.59.32

Photo Sep 27, 1 16 43 PM

Photo Sep 27, 1 16 32 PM

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A Little Splash of Color



I sat down at my desk the other day to make a few quick cards that I needed to send out to various people.  I needed something quick and easy (and of course cute).  I had received my new stamp set order the same day and decided to give one of the sets a try.  I had seen something similar to this cake with the paint splatter in the background on the internet somewhere awhile back and decided to try it out.  I reached for my Gorgeous Grunge set (that contains the paint splatter) and the new birthday set I had just received.  This took literally less than a minute to make.  I.  Love.  It.  I think these will be my family bday cards for the coming year.  Yep, the decision has been made!



I added a little bit of glitter with my Wink of Stella pen to add a little bling to the candles…



A couple others I made that day…with a few other sentiments…



This one has an Auburn theme…



And, finally, a Get Well sentiment…



FYI:  I finished my 2012 Project Life Album!  Yippee!  I am catching up…

Have a great day!

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Wobble Springs


I have wanted to purchase some of these Wobble Springs for awhile, but I had not seen them in the local stores until just last week.  I would have had to order them online before and pay a horrible price for shipping, I am sure, just for a small little pack of 6 springs.  But, when I saw them in Hobby Lobby last week, I used a coupon and bought a pack.  I have wanted to use them several times on kid cards and as it would happen, I had to make a kid card for a little boy at church at the end of last week.  So, I pulled the springs out and went to work.

I cut the cement truck out on my Cricut using my SCAL software.  I then put it all together and cut the cement part off of the truck.  I applied the wobble spring and now it is super, super cute.  And…it will be fun for the 5 year old recipient.  A short video is below to see how it works when it is all finished.  My kids had to write in the card but I had to watch them closely because they were more interested in the wobbly truck.  :)  That is how I know the card will be a hit with another child…just hand it to my kids and see if they like it or not.  :)



Video of it in action…


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Summer Canning


Ahhh, the summer.  The hottest part of the year and we choose to can (the hottest activity) during that part of the year.  But, by canning in the summer, it keeps you warm all winter.  :)  The last two weeks I have canned/help can a couple of things.  The first was last week.  I was asked to help the young ladies at church, who elected to learn, how to preserve food.  Well, I accepted the challenge and helped a young lady last week to can pickled okra.  My least favorite vegetable.  Least.  Favorite.  But, for the good of the cause, I helped her anyway…after a little complaining on my part.  I gave her a hard time about picking okra.  :)  Evidently, she loves it.  And that is what matters!  So, after looking at a few recipes online, we picked one out that looked good (in her eyes) and went with it.


All went smoothly and we had a great time getting to know each other a little better and laughing together.  It was a fun time.  We did have a little trouble when we water bathed the okra.  A couple of the lids puckered up a little bit but they sealed in the end.  Here is the finished product and the link for the recipe we used.




Yesterday, or Tuesday night rather, I put two crockpots of Apple Butter on to cook.  I then canned it yesterday morning.  Our neighbors have a few apple trees and we get to reap the benefits of them each year.  I really do not know why they have them…we always wind up with all the apples.  It is good having great neighbors!  So, each year, I can Apple Butter and then share some with them as a “thank you”.  Maybe that is why she gives me the apples.  She is just using me for Apple Butter.  Ha!  :)


I borrowed a crockpot from my friend, because I did not want to have to can two days in a row….so, it took 6 pounds of apples, 14 hours of cooking and a little while to can and voila, 21 – 1/2 pints of apple butter and one pint (which I made on purpose for a trip this weekend).


I love to have jellys (apple butter and blueberry mostly) on hand for a quick gift or just to share with friends.  Every time I make it, I have a list of people who I always take some to for them to enjoy.  My only rule is this:  If you bring back the jar when it is empty (which usually isn’t too much time), I will bring you another jar the next time I can.  :)  They all willingly comply to this rule.


And, I have been working on my PL album.  Sometimes on the floor in my living room on Saturday morning while everyone is asleep….


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Summer 2014 Travel Journal: Process #1

Well, finally, I have gotten around to doing a video of my travel journal.  My son started school this past Friday and now I feel like I have a couple weeks of calmness…no traveling, no “real” plans…just me and the daughter.  :)  Today we built Legos.  Tomorrow it might be Barbies.  Who knows what it might be the next day.  My son comes home so excited about school and all the “new” things about 1st grade!  He is so excited to come home and tell me all about it!  He loves his teacher and we do too!  :)

Today, when my daughter went down for a nap…Miss 6:15am…(that is what time she got up this morning)…I decided to unpack all my scrap stuff I took with me on vacation…yes, I really did take a box of stuff…much to my hubby’s dismay.  :)  But, he sacrificed because he loves me.  (Wow, I just really rambled…not sure what type of sentence structure that was…)  So, during my daughter’s nap, I shot this quick video of how I documented our summer vacations in the last few months.  We were literally gone more than we were home.  Craziness but so much fun!

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I can show you the final product with the pictures and embellishing included.  Have a great day!  Scrap a little!

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Finally…After a Hiatus




So, this is what it feels like….after spending literally a few weeks away from my craft desk….to sit down and just create.  Even if it is something you HAVE to do.  It still felt AMAZING!!  The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.  We were out of town for a week and a half.  Came home for a few days and then left for the weekend of July 4th.  Then, came home again to begin two weeks that did not hold any huge plans for us….we were truly excited.  But, tragically, my first cousin passed away and I left to go to New Orleans area for the funeral on short notice, as are all funerals I suppose.  I then came home and faced this past week, with no huge plans and have been busy since the week started.  Doing things at home like cleaning closets out, putting away all kinds of vegis from the garden, making pizza sauce with my cherry tomatoes from the garden, a day spent at the in-laws’ house, etc.  Oh, and laundry, because there is always laundry.  :)

But, this past Saturday, I finally sat down at my desk to DO something.  I made cards for the first time since the beginning of the summer.  Literally.  I really do not remember the last card I made.  That is sad.  :(  So, making 14 cards for my daughter’s thank you cards was awesome!  I stamped the images, watercolored them, added a little glitter pen, some dicut word bubbles, and finally some PL cards and viola….some really cute, simple cards.  I was in need of some relaxation and watercoloring was just the ticket.  I love to watercolor.  I have to admit.  It is quite relaxing.

So, here are the results.  My daughter is four.  She loves princesses.  Of course.  What 4 year old girl doesn’t?  These are the three we chose…yes, she did help choose.  :)  Enjoy and have a great day!






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Happy July 4th!!



No, I did not make these. I wish I could claim them!  How cute are they, really??!!  My friend Beth brought these to the kids yesterday. They loved them!  The cookies. Ha!  The did like the pinwheels until they realized they didn’t turn in the wind. I saved them to attempt that…  This was the SU Paper Pumpkin set I think she said.

Hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends!  Oh, and fireworks!

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Travel Journal…In the Works



So, the reason I have not posted recently is because we have been on vacation. We just returned late Sunday night from Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I told you a few posts ago that I was working on a travel journal (the kids are as well) for this summer. We have 3 long road trips planned. We have already completed 2 of them and now we are all working on our journals. I worked on mine while we traveled. The kids did some as well.

Yesterday was “unpack day” and “get back into the grove” day. Ha! I had to go get groceries…because we had literally nothing in the fridge yesterday morning. Breakfast was interesting. :)

Today, I hope to make a video to show you my travel journal in progress. I love it so far…I just have to print some more pictures to complete the PA trip. The time we spent in WV has not been worked on yet…yikes. I have to get on that. We were so busy all day, everyday, that in PA I never had time to work on the journal. In WV I worked on the PA trip. Now that I am home, the WV part has to be put together.

We had such a great time in both places and you know LOTS of pictures were taken! Now to document them and get them all together. :) I have never done a travel journal while traveling and it actually was really fun. I stayed on top of what actually happened that day and didn’t forget any stories. I did most of my journaling on PL cards which was great because they were small and easy to take along on the trip.

As of right now, I am PLing while the kids play outside in the water.  Just me and my Miracle Grow.  :)   (Picture Above)   Gotta take a few minutes sometime, right?

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have a journal video to show to you….until then…

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Project Life Preparation and Travel Journals

This week has been a little crazy.  When Monday is a “holiday” my weeks always feel so rushed.  I don’t know why, I guess I feel like I loose a day of the regular week.  I know that I should feel like I gained a day of rest (which I do) but then I still feel like I loose a day.  Call me crazy, but that is how my mind works at times.  Anyway… I did use the time on Monday to start uploading millions of pics that I had not uploaded to be printed.  I finished that just last night.  Yep.  Millions.  Tuesday and Wednesday went on as planned.  Tuesday my daughter had a friend over for most of the day and then my daughter went to her house on Wednesday.  That is a view of how our summer is going to go for those two girls.  :)  They both had loads of fun each day together, as always.  Tuesday, I cleaned up my house, laundry, etc…  Wednesday I sat and waited while my brake pads and rotors (sp?) where replaced on our van.  We are taking a few road trips this summer and we had to spend some time and money on getting it ready for the travel plans we have made for the next couple of months.  Thursday, it rained.  For what seemed like all day.  So, we spent a day in the house, mostly cleaning up the kids’ rooms/toys.  Yep.  A few garbage bags are packed full from that adventure.  We also went to a couple stores for the kids to pick out some stickers and paper for the travel journals they are making for our trips.

The kids are so excited to go on vacation (they have no idea the amount of hours we will be stuck in the van) and fill their journals.  This is the first time they have made journals for a vacation.  I thought sense we were going to be in the van for countless hours (between the fun) that they would have those to look at, fill and use to keep themselves from being bored for at least a few minutes.  I plan to make a video showing what THEY have picked for the decorations on them.  I have some allergy issues at the moment and can’t talk very well or I would have done them today.

As for me, I am working on a PL-type album as well for the traveling adventures of this summer.  I will show it to you soon as well.  I am also planning to catch up on my PL album while I am at my parents’ house in a few weeks.  My parents live out “in the swamp” as my husband likes to say.  I can’t deny it.  I grew up in a Florida swamp.  We spend our time there out in the river, natural springs or outside in the “woods” at my parents’ house.  I don’t say that negatively.  I love going home during the summer because I get to do things (mainly the river activities) that I don’t get to do here at home.  The kids get to play in the “woods”, etc…  But, the nights are quiet after the kids go to bed, so I figured I would bring some things to work on my album when it is quiet in the evenings.  My Mom and I play lots of cards and eat popcorn almost every night.  Popcorn is my mother’s late night snack.  Always.  (Sorry, Mom, you know it’s true.)

PL wise, I bought the few kits a couple of weeks ago that I showed you in a post last week and then I went to Hobby Lobby on Wednesday (after the car work was done) and lucked up with finding 2 PL Core Kits for only $10 a piece!  $10.  Yes, I had to say it again so that you would believe me.  I bought 2 of the Blush Kit…I love it.  I will keep them both unless I swap some with someone else at some point.  That reminds me, on FB there is a group called Project Life-Shop and Swap.  You can sell/swap PL type things.  I swapped 1/3 of my Sunshine to receive 1/3 of Midnight.  All I had to pay was shipping for what I sent.  I expect it today in the mail.  The girl I swapped with got my cards today.  I can’t wait for the mail to come.  There are some days I hate that our mail comes so late in the day.  :(

So, I will end with the hope that I can print all my pictures in time to go to Florida.  I actually had one set sent to my Mom’s house because I didn’t think they would make it here in time.  Tonight, that is my goal.  My hubby comes back into town tonight after being gone since Wednesday.  Since I can’t talk very well, I can just sit on the couch and get pictures printed, right?  And not feel bad that I am not talking to the hubby, right?  :)

So, happy stamping, scrapbooking and Project Life-ing.  Till next time…