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SU! Banner Punch


image image

This SU punch is free during the time of Sale-a-bration with a $50 purchase.  Well, since I got it, I have LOVED it.  This is a set of cards that I made to sell on my ETSY account…so if you are interested…  :)

This is such an easy card to make and great to give to anyone….girl or boy, young or old.  Great to make with scrap paper you have lying around too.  I actually used a 6×6 paper pad but this could easily be done with scraps you need to get rid of…because, I know, that we all have them!

Hope you have a great weekend and a following week!

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In An Emergency…

Today is not about crafting.  Today is about life.

This past week has thrown us some great times and ended with some unwanted curve balls.  Monday and Tuesday were normal days.  :)

Wednesday was a great day.  My daughter and I had a great lunch with a friend of mine and my husbands from college.  We have lived just 40ish mins from each other for a little over 3 years and this is the first time we “planned” to get together in that time frame.  The kids and I just happened to run into her and her family a few years ago at one of the pumpkin patches in the area.  It is really pitiful that we have not made time for getting together with each other, but life gets busy and we allow ourselves to put some things on the backburner.  Well, we vowed not to let time go by this long before we see each other again.  We had a great time catching up while our two smallest children played together at Chick-fil-a.

Scrapbooking actually was the thing that got us together this time…go figure.  :)  She had been going through some things in her house and came upon a bag of crafting supplies that she admitted that she had not opened in over 8 years.  Wow!  So, she thought of me…I’m not sure why!  :)  She said that even if the items in it were not useful to me, my daughter would probably have a ball with them.  Well, I went through it later that day and got out several things that I knew I would use and then put aside the things the kids would love to use.  My daughter played with some of the stickers and paper the next day.  It could have kept her going for hours.  :)

Well, the first curve ball hit us at 3:00am Thursday morning.  I had rolled over in the middle of the night and of course needed to get up to go to the restroom.  Don’t you just hate that when you are so asleep??  Well, this time, I was thankful for it.  As I got up in my sleepy state, I heard something hitting our bedroom window (well, I thought that is what it was).  My first thought was that it was raining and that it was hail or something.  Well, I quickly realized there was a bright light outside as well…we have those darkening curtains so I could see a glow around the window edges.  Not wanting to wake my husband, I walked out to the living room and saw that the bright light I saw was coming through all of our windows and also realized it was a bright red.  Then I knew exactly what it was….FIRE!

I was instantly awake then and started yelling for my husband.  By the time he came out to the living room, I had opened the back door and realized that our next door neighbor’s house was on fire.  Panic mode took over my whole body.  I got my phone and was instantly on the phone with 911.  The house had just been bought and we knew that no one was inside, which was helpful in my state of panic.  I got through to 911, reported it and then went into our house to get the kids out.  The house that was burning is literally 12 feet from our back fence and 24 feet from our actual house.  Which, I can tell you, is way to close when one of them is on fire.  All of these houses also have gas lines running into them with gas water heaters, gas heat and fire places.  The fire in this house appeared to be in the attic and back of the house at first so we knew it was close to the gas lines.  The fear of explosion scared us and so we got the kids up, in the car and we went to an adjoining street to wait it out and give room to emergency vehicles.  My husband stayed on the scene to make sure no flames jumped to our house before the firefighters got there.

At the end of the chaos…these were our words of thankfulness to the Lord…

Thankful that…

1.  I woke up when I did.

2.  There was no one in the house…no items had been moved in either.

3.  There was no irreparable damage to our house or anyone others.  (Our siding on that side of the house is melted and will need repair…but we have a house still standing).

4.  We are all safe.

We had to be away from our house for a few hours…which was spent in the van watching cartoons of any kind.  The power was out for a few hours after we returned.  My husband asked if I would turn on the fireplace so that it would warm our house up a little….I jokingly replied that I had seen enough fire for a long time!!  But, I did it anyway.  :)  Also, just for the record, I never did get that bathroom break I needed in the middle of the night…until about 3.5 hours later….

I jokingly told my friend later in the day, that this state of emergency taught me what I would grab in a state of panic….this is what I grabbed…and stuck in a laundry basket…

1.  A few folded clothes that were on our loveseat…well, it was at least something…

2.  My Bible bag…

3.  My external hard drive with all of our pictures on it…which is something that I have always said I would grab…well, I did.

4.  My purse

I actually got home and went through the basket later and really had no idea what exactly I would find in there.  It was all in a panic and I guess just whatever my eyes saw, went into the basket.

So, after that fiasco, I planned for a calmer day that included my stamp club get-together that evening.  My husband had to go out of town that afternoon and would return Friday night.  Well, stamp club got rescheduled to Friday night because several could not make it at the last minute.  It was a good thing because I came down with the stomach bug that night.  When I realized that I was sick, I told my 6 year old son that he was going to have to help me and Darcie since I had to lay in bed.  I overheard this convo between them while eating their dinner…  (S= Son, D= Daughter)

S:  Darcie, since Mommy is sick and Daddy is out of town I am going to have to be the master of the house and take care of you and Mommy since she is sick. (Very matter-of-factly)

D:  Okay.  You can help me and Mommy.

S:  Well, Daddy says I have to be the master of the house while he is gone

This brought tears to my eyes!


So, needless to say, it has been a crazy end to a week that started out calm and collective and fun.  Before I got sick on Thursday, I did make the first, of a needed 25, of these “thank you” cards for my son to send out for his birthday gifts.  I copied the washi tape and talk bubble idea….I added the pain splash effect.


Next week will be better, I just know it!   I already have several things on my calendar but they are mostly all things that I WANT to do, even if it does mean a busy week ahead.  Hopefully no sickness or fires in the mix!

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Let The Adventure Begin




First of all, sorry for the AWOL on the blog last week….and a little bit in the weeks before that…

Both kids have had the stomach bug…a week apart, no less.  Then last week, I spent it working on all the stuff for my son’s birthday party (that had to be rescheduled from its first date because he had the stomach bug)…yeah, it has been a rough few weeks.  But, hopefully we are all back to our normal, healthy selves for at least a few weeks.  :)

So, this past Sunday we had a baby shower for one of my close friends at church.  Her and her hubby are big hikers/campers…so, that was the theme of the shower.  For some reason, I took no photos of the other decorations (they were super cute), but I did take a few quick pics of the sign-up sheet and the invite sent to some of her family members.

Hope you enjoy.  It was a lot of fun making these camping-ish projects.  :)



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Happy Valentine’s Day


So, a few weeks ago, we had our monthly stamp club and as we always do, we have a period of “show and tell”.  Basically, it means that you bring projects/cards that we have worked on in the past month.  Well, one of the girls always tends to bring a 3D project.  Well, she brought one of these “cards in a box”.  A week later, me, her and our SU! demonstrator got together to make one for our Valentines.  Well, we made the base box and took it home to decorate it.  This is the one I made for my hubby…which he thought was totally cool.  I couldn’t disagree.  :)  He was traveling today so I couldn’t post this until he had opened it.  Hehehehe.

This is how it appears when you open the envelope…


When you open it…



Here is one I sent to my parents for their anniversary on the 12th of February…


The inside…


41 years of wonderful marriage…


You can make these for any occasion…I plan to make a Birthday themed one for  someone soon.  :)

Here is where you can find the tutorial:

Have fun making this fun little gem.

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Canvas Valentine Banner



Well, today is the second “snow day” for all 4 of us today.  It snowed here yesterday and all schools around us have been canceled until the roads get better.   Even the University where my hubby works is canceled.  Yippee.  He got to stay home with us and play in the whopping 1 inch of snow we got that has closed down our town.  :)  It really isn’t the snow that has closed us down, it is the ice on the roads that have led to the closing of all schools and such around us.  When we have a day like this, I always feel I start a little later in my day than normal.  I am used to getting up at 4:40am to exercise, do my Bible reading and just have some quiet time to myself before the whole family gets up.  Well, not today.  Today I slept in.  I will have to rearrange my time today.  I haven’t even had a shower which is something that is usually done by 6:30am every morning.


So, here I sit, while the kids are eating a late breakfast and watching cartoons, to blog about my Valentine’s Banner that I made using the Canvas Banner Pieces from SU!.  These were sold in the Holiday Catalog and yes, I have just gotten around to using some out of the two boxes that I purchased. They were easy to use and I love the way this banner turned out.  An easy, cute and simple project that now hangs on my mantel for only a little while longer.  It has been hanging for a few weeks and I just love it.  I will be sad to take it down.  I don’t know what holiday I will decorate for next.  Maybe a “Spring” themed one?

Hope you enjoy the project and make one for yourself soon!

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Project Life: Week 3 & 4


Well, I am keeping up so far!  Woot woot!  Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself  :)  Here is week 3 and 4.  In both of these weeks, there weren’t many pictures taken so I just did one 12 x 12 spread.  This past week will be the same.  This coming week and the next will have lots of pictures to share and print out for the layout.  So, in the next couple of weeks you will see larger spreads.  Enjoy!


In the week 3 layout, I used a watercolored sheet of paper that I had made a few weeks ago…you can see it below…the two pieces used are cut from a sheet that was about 5 x 4.

image image

Here is the beginning sheet of watercolored paper.  I will share this technique at a later date….I am still working on logistics.  :)



Week 4





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Lovely As A Tree



This card, is currently, one of the my most favorite.  I saw the one below in Google Images at some point and had to try it.  The Lovely As A Tree set is one of SU! longest stamp set available.  It is so versatile and you will see it again soon, I am sure.

I stamped the image.  Used the oval mask and used sponges to create the coloring.  I used a green, orange and yellow ink pad to create the mingled colors.  I then went a step further and used my Wink of Stella glitter brush/pen to put a little shimmer on the image inside the colored oval.  LOVE it.  I also say another card on Pinterest with the same idea.  I hope to share it soon.  :)

The Shimmer:


The Inspiration:


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Lightning McQueen


I enjoy making cards for kids…breaks me out of the “adult box” every now and again.  Sometimes, when you live far away, a prayer and a card is all you can do for a little sick one.  Well, that is what this card was made for…a little sick one far away.

I found out from his mother that Cars and Buzz Lightyear was “his world” right now…words via his Mom.  :)  Well, I went to searching to see if anyone had put together either of those with paper…I found both; but I admit, I chose the easier one.  Buzz was awesome but Lightning was much easier to put together with what I had at my disposal.  This is the outcome of my adventure.

Have a great day and jump out of your safety zone from time to time and create something you might never have tried.









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Family Service Project


The last couple of years, the kids have helped me make treats for their teachers, the elders, the secretaries, etc., at our church congregation for the various holidays throughout the year.  This year, for Valentine’s Day, we are making Valentines to send to the widows and widowers who attend our congregation.  There are 43 to be exact.  Some we will hand deliver, some we will mail due to them being unable to attend services due to health reasons.

We made this project simple, fun and easy.  I cut out hearts and stamped “LOVE” on the middle of them and then the kids took various valentine stickers and such and went to work.  It did not take them long and they had a lot of fun making them.  While we were at it, they made valentines for their school teachers as well.

It is great to get your kids involved in projects like this and others so that they will always appreciate those who are older than them and for those who work and spend time teaching them in class.  Just a good way to get them to appreciate others.

Now to pass them all out…  :)


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Let’s Go For A Ride




This card set is one my new favorites.  It is simple, clean, colorful and cute.  In my humble opinion, that is…

I love this Hero Arts set of stamps that includes all types of bicycles and a few phrases.  I saw a card set one day in the store that had bikes on it in different colors and that set is what inspired this idea.  I liked the look of them “riding off the page”.

These are also available in my ETSY shop.  :)

Have a great day guys and happy stamping and scrapping! I am working on some card designs and PL today for the year of 2010.  Yep.  I am behind, but by the end of today I hope to be caught up through 2010.  6 months done in a few hours….AWESOME!!  Today has been a lazy, laid back day!  Always nice to have one of those once in a while!