Hi!  Thanks so much for coming to my blog!  Whether you came here from a search engine, Pinterest, Facebook or from somewhere else, I hope you find what you are looking for!

My name is Holly and I LOVE crafting!  Of all sorts!  I will try anything once.  My website includes scrapbooking layouts, card making, 3D projects, gift ideas, sewing and many other random crafty creations!  I include how to make those things that are not obvious and I hope by reading the blog you can create a little something yourself!  I am working on opening an etsy account as well as an option to buy right here on the site.  If you have come to the site before that happens, please bear with me!  This WordPress site is new (I used to have a site on blogspot.com) so I am working on learning all the different features!

So, anyway, I am a Christian wife, SAHM of two wonderful children, and I am addicted to crafting.  Ok, I said it!  I admit it!  I make things so often that my oldest child thinks that I can make anything.  For example, one day he lost a puzzle piece to one of his puzzles and he simply looked at me and said, “It’s okay, let’s just go make a new one…”.  Well, it didn’t exactly work that way even though sometimes that would be nice!

I get alot of ideas off of the internet (Pinterest, Google Images, Blogs) and when I copy something exactly, I will always include the link to the site where I got the idea.  Sometimes looking at projects on the internet makes my mind start working and from one picture may come a totally different project.  You just never know.  I also use all types and brands of crafting tools!  So, I am not tied down to just one brand/company of products.  I will be truthful about the things I use and what I like or do not like about each product if the need arises.  I make videos from time to time and you can subscribe to my channel on YouTube if you would like!  It is hshomemade.  Shocked, I know!  :-)

So, this blog was made for my creative outlet.  I began it in December 2011 (on blogspot) basically to keep me productive throughout the year of 2012.  I was horribly behind on my scrapbooking (primarily) that I needed a deadline.  It has kept me working on things constantly which has been a great outlet for me to step away from my “mommy duties” while the kids are napping each day!  I have always taken that time for me….which doesn’t mean I do that every day but it is when I do my crafting each day that I get that chance.  People always ask me when I do all that I do and my simple answer is, “during naptime….”  When the kids go to bed at night, that is time with my hubby and time to relax.  I am spent by that time of day.  I start my day at 5am each morning and get several things done before the day even begins for everyone else in my household.  So, naptime is my answer….

So, I hope you have a great time searching my blog and learning new things!  Thanks for stopping by where everything is homemade!!!